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Gemma Law Supports Elmwood Little League: 21 Years of Sponsorship

Gemma Law Associates, Inc. will back you up in sports and with your personal injury case.

Alfred Gemma began his personal injury law firm, Gemma Law Associates, Inc., in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1979. Now Peter and Mark Gemma run the law firm. Providence has always been their home. It’s where they grew up, went to school, played sports, and established their careers. Peter and Mark, and the entire Gemma family, enjoy being part of this beautiful community.

“Providence has given so much to us and created so many great memories. We feel it’s important to give back and create opportunities for everyone in the community. Sports teach so many life lessons and have been a big part of our lives. We believe everyone should have the chance to play if they want to, and we’re happy to support Elmwood Little League,” said Peter Gemma. 

Little league baseball is so much more than learning baseball skills. Youth sports teach children many valuable lessons, including:

  • How to play fair and always do their best.
  • Team sports teach children how to positively support their teammates, work as a team, and consider choices that will affect the group’s success.
  • Sports teach children to be respectful to coaches and umpires.
  • Youth athletes learn responsibility and preparedness. You have to remember your equipment and come ready to practice or play.
  • One of the most important lessons playing sports teaches you is being coachable—opening your mind to learn from others and practicing to become better at something.

Every skill you gain requires practice and perseverance. Learning these skills at a young age helps set a child up for success in school and future careers. Being a good teammate carries over to many situations other than sports.

Alfred Gemma decided to sponsor an Elmwood Little League team 21 years ago, and Gemma Law Associates has continued to sponsor a team every year since. Gemma Law also supports SquashBusters, an urban squash program promoting college, character, and health. We love Providence and enjoy giving back to a community that has given so much to us.

  • Peter Gemma

    Peter Gemma is a personal injury attorney in Rhode Island, and is a Principal at Gemma Law Associates, Inc. He has over 30 years of legal experience, as well as bar admission to practice in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Peter’s specialty areas include personal injury, products liability, and construction accidents. You can reach him at peter@gemmalaw.com.

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