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Rhode Island Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycling is a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to other forms of transportation, but no matter how safely you drive, there is always the potential for accidents to happen. Sharing the road with motor vehicles as a bicyclist has many dangers, including serious injuries and fatalities. If you find yourself the victim of a bicycle accident due to a driver’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

Trust the  Rhode Island personal injury lawyer at Gemma Law to handle your case as we work with you to hold the negligent parties accountable. Our personal injury lawyers value compassion, trust, and efficient communication with our clients and have over 48 years of experience in fighting for personal injury lawsuits. Focus on your physical recovery and let a Rhode Island bicycle accident lawyer help you with your legal case so you can recover financially. 

Types of Injuries Sustained in Bicycle Accidents

Severe injuries are likely to ensue when a bicyclist has an accident involving a motor vehicle. A collision with a car or truck at speed is no match for bicyclists, no matter how much safety protection gear they wear. Some examples of injuries that a Rhode Island bicycle accident attorney can help you pursue compensation for include:

  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones and sprains
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Internal bleeding
  • Bruising and lacerations
  • Road rash and friction burns
  • Facial injuries, including ear, eye, nose, and mouth injuries

These injuries can have long-lasting consequences, including diminished quality of life, reduced earning potential, and chronic pain–all things that a bicycle accident attorney in Rhode Island can help you calculate in your requested settlement.

Injuries should be checked out immediately after a bicycle crash to provide you with immediate medical care and also establish the proof and connection that the injuries were sustained from the accident itself. A medical report and any medical records you obtain can be very important as evidence for establishing your case.

Common Causes of Bicycle Crashes

As the number of bikes on the road rises, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation is working to continue to implement safety campaigns and educational programs for both drivers and cyclists to prevent accidents from occurring. Drivers can help by using extra caution to check their surroundings and start noticing bikes when they are on the road. Common causes of bicycle crashes include:

  • Failure to signal or check mirrors
  • Tailgating or passing too closely to a bicyclist
  • Failure to follow traffic signals and signs
  • Distracted driving, including texting
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Reckless speeding or driving
  • Poor visibility, including adverse weather conditions and poor lighting

Human error and negligence are the cause of most bicycle accidents, but accidents can also be caused by potholes, road hazards, and poorly designed intersections where visibility is low.

Our bicycle accident attorney in Rhode Island can help you investigate the scene of your accident and determine if any of these things played a part in your case. You deserve justice, and the negligent party(s) should be held accountable, whether the fault lies with the vehicle’s driver or the city itself.

Quick Look: Bicyclist Injury and Fatality Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bicycle accident injuries occur often, and fatalities are continuing to rise even with the focus on roadway safety and properly educating drivers and cyclists. As the trend in biking continues to increase, so have accidents and injuries. Here are some quick bicycle injury and fatality statistics:

  • Over the last five years, injury-only crashes averaged 45,400 annually
  • Over the last five years, bicycle crash fatalities averaged 800 annually
  • Collisions with SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks were responsible for the highest percentage of fatalities (46%)
  • Bicycle accidents represent 2.2% of all traffic fatalities

If a loved one was killed in a bicycling accident, reach out to a bicycle accident lawyer in Rhode Island for help with determining your options and rights. You deserve justice, and our experienced team has been helping victims and their families for over 48 years by recovering compensation. We get results for individuals and their families.

Bicycle Accidents in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has some of the best bicycling in the country, including more than 60 miles of paved bike paths following picturesque routes. Cycling is also a popular choice for people commuting to work, which has many sharing the roads during high-traffic times of the day. Cyclists deserve to be safe on the roads, whether biking for work or pleasure.

Tips to Avoid Being Seriously Injured in a Bicycle Accident

To reduce the risk of severe injuries when sharing the road with vehicles, make sure to wear a helmet, which is shown to greatly reduce the risk of serious injuries. The American Medical Association shows that bicycle helmet usage nationwide is only at 42% and that more bikers need to prioritize wearing safety protection gear.

In a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding understanding the problem of bicycle safety, they found that helmet usage reduces:

  • Head injuries by 47%
  • Traumatic brain injuries by 56%
  • Serious head injuries by 60%
  • Facial injuries by 23%
  • Number of cyclists seriously injured or killed by 34%

In addition to wearing safety gear, be sure to know all the appropriate signaling gestures and rules for bicyclists driving on the roads. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation offers safety classes for bicyclists, which can help you prepare for any situation. Also, make sure you are wearing clothes with high visibility, as the more you are able to be noticed by drivers, the safer you will be.

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