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Domenic Loffredo

Domenic Loffredo attorney

Domenic, a native of Johnston, Rhode Island, grew up immersed in a tight-knit family environment with his parents and three brothers, fostering strong familial bonds and a sense of community. His formative years were marked by a balanced pursuit of academics and athletics, reflecting his holistic approach to life.

His interest in law blossomed during high school, sparked by enlightening social studies courses that illuminated the profound influence of legal frameworks on society. This initial intrigue evolved into a fervent passion as he delved deeper into the potential of law to enact positive change and uphold justice.

Throughout college, Domenic’s fascination with law continued to burgeon, eventually guiding him toward a legal education. Despite initially grappling with which legal path to pursue, his driving motivation remained the opportunity to utilize his legal expertise for the betterment of others’ lives.

Beyond his legal aspirations, Domenic maintains a well-rounded lifestyle, prioritizing activities such as exercise, gardening, and quality time with loved ones. This commitment to personal wellness and social connection undoubtedly enhances his capacity to empathize with clients and understand their needs.
Furthermore, Domenic’s insatiable thirst for knowledge is evident in his avid consumption of books, documentaries, and podcasts, showcasing a lifelong dedication to learning and self-improvement. This intellectual curiosity undoubtedly augments his legal career, enabling him to stay abreast of current events, legal developments, and diverse perspectives.

In summary, Domenic’s background, interests, and values form a sturdy foundation for a fulfilling career in law, characterized by a steadfast dedication to service, empathy, and continual growth.

Education and Experience:

Domenic’s academic journey at Roger Williams University underscores his commitment to both legal studies and political science, reflecting a comprehensive approach to understanding law’s complexities and its intersection with governance and society. His decision to double major in legal studies and political science, complemented by a minor in professional writing, underscores his dedication to cultivating a versatile skill set encompassing legal analysis, communication, and critical thinking.
Throughout his undergraduate tenure, Domenic exhibited a commendable work ethic, juggling academic pursuits with a part-time job at Stop & Shop.

Continuing his educational journey at Roger Williams University School of Law, Domenic maintained his part-time employment while actively engaging in internships to bolster his legal acumen. His internships, including roles at Daley Orton, LLC, and IGT in the Legal Department, provided valuable insights into various legal realms, from personal injury law to corporate compliance.

Participation in the Business Start-Up Clinic and other legal clinics during his law school tenure further enriched Domenic’s education, affording hands-on experience in entity formation, intellectual property issues, and more.

In summary, Domenic’s academic achievements, professional experiences, and proactive involvement in legal clinics underscore his dedication to personal and professional growth within the legal sphere, positioning him for a successful career marked by versatility, competence, and a steadfast commitment to serving others.

Pro-Bono Work:

Domenic’s engagement in pro-bono initiatives during his law school years highlights his deep-seated commitment to public service and his desire to effect meaningful societal change. His involvement in the Rhode Island State House Summer Internship Program provided firsthand exposure to legislative advocacy and policy analysis, particularly in the realm of drug criminalization laws.

Furthermore, Domenic’s internship at Save the Bay showcased his passion for environmental conservation and advocacy. Through his research on environmental laws and policies, he contributed to the organization’s mission of preserving Rhode Island’s coastal resources for future generations.
Through these pro-bono endeavors, Domenic demonstrated his resolve to leverage his legal education and skills to address pressing societal issues and foster positive change in his community. His experiences in legislative advocacy and environmental law advocacy complement his legal training, equipping him for a career dedicated to promoting justice, equity, and sustainability.


Licensed to practice in Rhode Island state and federal courts – 2023

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