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Slip and Fall

People slip and fall every day. Not every instance merits legal action. But when a person’s negligence causes you to slip, fall and suffer a serious injury that could have been prevented, you deserve compensation.

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The Rhode Island slip and fall attorneys of Gemma Law Associates, Inc., can help you. We have experience in recovering money for those who are injured in falls caused by another’s negligence.

These funds can help pay for medical expenses, make up for lost past and future wages and compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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About Gemma Law: Personal Injury Lawyers RI

The Rhode Island personal injury lawyers of Gemma Law Associates, Inc., have years of experience in helping injured people from Providence and throughout Rhode Island recover and rebuild their lives.

We can help you seek compensation for your expenses and your pain and suffering after someone else has harmed you. Call us toll-free today or complete our online form to get started on your case.

Negligence Causes Rhode Island Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are sometimes called trip and fall accidents or fall-down accidents. They come under a legal category known as premises liability law.

Rhode Island’s premises liability law places a clear duty on property owners: They must provide safely maintained premises for anyone who is reasonably expected to be on the premises.

If there are dangerous conditions on the premises that the owner knew or reasonably should have known about – and the owner failed to correct it or warn about it – they can be held liable for their negligence.

Examples of hazardous conditions that can cause slip and fall accidents include:

  • Snow and ice – After a storm ends, a property owner should take steps to remove dangerous snow and ice from sidewalks, parking lots and other walking areas.
  • Contaminants on the floor – Water, grease, oil, fluids, and food can make floors slippery and dangerous. For instance, if a building owner mops a hallway, the owner should take reasonable steps to dry the floor or post a sign warning of the floor’s slickness.
  • Faulty drains and water pipes – When pipes are poorly aligned and drains are clogged, they can cause water to spill out onto walking areas.
  • Walking surface irregularities – Broken or uneven pavement, holes, rocks, leaves, and objects sticking out of the ground, such as sprinkler heads, can cause people to trip.
  • Inadequate lighting – Whether it’s a hallway, stairwell, parking lot or another common area, the lighting must be sufficient to allow visitors to see where they are walking.
  • Stairs and handrails – When a stairway is broken or uneven, or a handrail is loose or poorly aligned, it can cause a visitor to misstep and suffer a serious fall.
  • Clutter – When a store’s aisles are cluttered or cords, wires, hoses and other objects clutter a walking area, it can lead one to trip and fall.

Major chain stores, local businesses, government entities, and private residential owners, have a duty to limit property visitors’ exposure to unsafe conditions.

If you were injured on someone else’s property and you think the property owner or store was negligent, check out this blog covering how you can tell if you have a slip and fall case or you can call our Providence office at 401.467.2300.

Our Attorneys Help Rhode Island Slip and Fall Accident Victims

While some slip-and-fall accidents cause minor cuts and bruises, others can cause serious injuries, including:

Compensation for a slip and fall injury depends on the severity of the injury. A successful case must clearly establish how and why the injury occurred and the current and long-term health outlook for the victim.

At Gemma Law Associates, Inc., our legal team has more than 100 years of combined experience helping accident and injury victims, including those injured in slips, trips, and falls.

Our primary goal is to help people who have been involved in a personal injury accident obtain justice and compensation. Most of our cases settle before going to trial, but if a trial is required, we have the courtroom experience to successfully represent you.

Contact a Rhode Island Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you have been injured in a slip and fall that was caused by a property owner’s negligence, it’s important to seek legal help right away. You have to make sure you protect your legal rights and interests.

The Rhode Island slip and fall lawyers of Gemma Law Associates, Inc., are available to serve victims and their families throughout Rhode Island.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to a slip and fall accident, call us today or use our online form to arrange a free consultation. We’ve been helping clients in Rhode Island for more than 48 years – and we can help you, too.


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