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Workers’ Compensation

Rhode Island Worker’s Compensation Lawyer: Work Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, Rhode Island workers in any industry face the risk of being injured on the job. Although the state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation is designed to provide benefits to people who are hurt in workplace accidents, insurance companies and employers often have a team of experts and an arsenal of information to prevent workers from recovering maximum compensation.

At Gemma Law Associates, Inc., our experienced Providence workers’ compensation lawyers have more than 40 years of experience representing people who have been hurt at work and need a strong advocate to fight for the benefits they deserve. Our attorneys treat every client with respect and compassion, and you can count on our knowledgeable legal team to:

Injured on the Job: Explain all of your options and your rights.

If your employer is trying to persuade you to use your health insurance or sue a third party, we can explain the pros and cons.

For example, your health insurance has a co-pay plan and covers much less than workers’ compensation benefits would. And suing a third party would require you to prove negligence and would require that the defendant have assets or insurance so you could get paid.

You need to understand your rights so you are not pressured into making a decision that could hurt you in the long run.

Protect you from employers and insurers that may fight to derail your Workers’ Comp. claim.

The process of filing a workers’ compensation claim should be simple, but employers and insurers sometimes create barriers to deter you.

When our attorneys are preparing your claim, most employers and insurers will know they can’t go out of their way to make things difficult because our team will be monitoring their every move.

Properly document and prepare your workers’ compensation claim.

Our Providence workplace injury lawyers will thoroughly document your accident and your injury to submit a solid workers’ compensation claim for compensation. We will also stay on top of your claim to ensure you meet all the deadlines.

Aggressively negotiate disputes over benefits: Workers’ Compensation Lawyer RI

Employers and insurance companies may try to lowball you and not count all of your wages when determining what types of workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to receive.

Or you may find yourself in a dispute over whether medical bills should be paid for a legitimate treatment or procedure. Our workplace injury lawyers will tackle all of these tense disputes for you, so you can focus on your recovery.

Manage your appeal if workers’ compensation benefits are denied

There are multiple levels of appeal that our attorneys can pursue if any of your benefits have been denied.

However, the workers’ compensation system can be complicated, so you need a strong advocate who knows the law and can represent your interests against large insurance companies and big corporations.

Contact a Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Schedule a free case consultation with our seasoned Rhode Island workers’ compensation lawyers now, and learn how we can pursue justice for you.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in an accident that someone else’s carelessness or recklessness caused, or in an act of violence or abuse, you have a right to seek compensation for your medical bills and losses.

The Rhode Island workers’ compensation lawyers of Gemma Law Associates, Inc., have years of experience in helping injured people from Providence and throughout Rhode Island to include: Bristol, Cranston, Kent County, Newport, Pawtucket, Warwick, Washington County, Woonsocket, and more to obtain funds that can help them recover and rebuild their lives.

We can help you seek compensation for your expenses and your pain and suffering after someone else has harmed you. Call us toll-free today or complete our online form to get started on your case.


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